Some IT consulting firms charge by the hour and some charge a flat fee based on an agreed to statement of work. We believe that neither of those models is best for the customer. An hourly charge doesn't give you any assurance of how much the final product will cost. A flat fee is often based on a worst-case estimate of level of effort that may very well end up being more than you should pay.

Just Right Software Solutions uses a hybrid of these two models. During your free consultation we will discuss the products and services you would like to get more information on. After the consultation we will deliver a proposal that allows you to pick and choose from several options. To the extent possible we will "unbundle" individual offerings to give you more choice. Each offer will include an hourly rate and a guaranteed not to exceed price. For example, a website development proposal might be offered at $40 per hour with a not to exceed price of $600. If the website only takes 10 hours to build, we only bill you for those 10 hours.

Most of our support is in the form of services. Our business model does not include markup on tangible items such as computer hardware. In a proposal that includes tangible items, we will offer them at our cost, but will also include the specifications so that you can shop around. As long as what you find meets the specifications we provide in our proposal, we'll be happy to use items you provide.