Website Design

Websites range from a few pages of static content to multi-page sites that have dynamic content and allow for extensive user interaction. Just Right Software Solutions will work with you and your team to determine what works best for your business. It all starts with a free consultation, which includes an assessment of any current website you have.

Design Process

The first step in designing a website is understanding what you want your users to get out of it. We call these user tasks, and they include things like finding out about your products, making appointments or reservations, determining your location, ordering products or services electronically, etc.

Once we know what tasks users need to be able to perform, wee can work on determining what content you want on the site. Once that's decided, we'll develop some options for how best to organize it. The output of that step is an agreed site map to guide the rest of the development process.

We then develop mockups for each type of page in your site. These are called wireframes and give you a sense of how your content will appear to your users. This is a key step in the design process, because it's the first time where you get an idea of what things are going to look like. Wireframes aren't set in stone, but this is the time when we start narrowing down design choices.

At this point we start developing pages. We partner with you to generate any needed content and work up representative pages for the site. One thing we recommend at this point in the process is to conduct usability analysis to determine whether the design choices we've made up to this point translate into a site that will support users accomplishing the tasks we decided on up front.

Once development is complete, we deploy the site to the web host. Depending on what ongoing support we've agreed to, we will work with you to maintain and update the site's content.

Getting Found on the Web

Every business wants to be at the top of Google search results, or at least on the first page. Depending on what your business is, that can be easier or harder to do. There's lots that we can do with the content and internal organization of your site that will improve its visibiilty on search engines. We can also work with you to understand your options for paid placement in search results.


More and more people expect to be able to do business on-line. Fortunately, there are many off-the-shelf solutions that will allow you to open your virtual storefront. This includes secure processing of credit card payments, automatic linkage between inventory and ordering, etc. We can help you choose the right solution for your website.

Picking a Host

Most small businesses will use a web host to put their site on the web. There are many options for web hosting, each of which has pros and cons. We'll help you understand what the various companies offer and what your best options are. Normally you'll contract with the web host directly rather than going through us as a middleman.

Linking Your Website and Other Business Apps

One thing that can set your website apart from your competitors is dynamic content that keeps your users engaged. Imagine your customers working directly with your team over a chat window, or building then buying a custom-tailored product. One of the things we can discuss at your free consultation is ides for unique capabilities that either your customers or your team members can use to make your business more effective.

Social Media

It's one thing to have a presence on social media. It's a much different thing to make the most effective use of social media. We'll help you assess where your investment in social media is most likely to pay the biggest dividends.